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DoDoTOK is the brainchild of two celebrated educators who boast many years’ experience working with kids, teachers and parents.

Dr Grzegorz Śpiewak

is one of the most recognised and recognizable English-language specialists in Poland. A fomer lecturer at the University of Warsaw and New York’s The New School, he is the author of best-selling textbooks and prized materials for teachers, trainers, and consultants. Perhaps most notably, he is the co-founder of deDOMO and the lead author of the series “English for Parents”.

Ola Popiołek

is a graduate of the Department of English of the University of Warsaw. She is an experienced teacher and ELT methodology adviser, with many years’ experience working with children of kindergarten age. She is the founder of the Sunny Academy Language School for kids, which is affiliated to a broader network of kindergartens. Ola is a keen supporter of modern-day teaching methods focused on communication activities.

Our Partners

Our Partners


Agnieszka Frejlich-Hołody

tel. 533-917-417

e-mail: info@dodotok.pl

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